Principal's message


The prime aim of education is to participate in the evolutionary flow of life. In the era of Globalization and Modernization, choosing a career and that too rightly is quite a tough and challenging job. But, I congratulate you for the choice of a profession which is the pivot of all innovations, imagination and scientific intellect.

GHUBAYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY has been setup especially in Sukhera Bodla, an extremely peaceful and pollution free location which is ideally conducive for academics and research. I strongly believe that neither the industry, nor the academics alone have the potential to adequately deal with the quest for proficient engineering manpower which is a combine of innovative excellence and analytic competence. Hence,the Institute-Industry alliance enables the budding engineers to gain hands-on practical experience.

We, at GCET, are committed for all-round development of personality clubbed with an in-depth impartation of technical know-how to transform a person into a fully skilled engineer in his/her field of specialization and a human being with high moral values. We are trying to build up our students as people of indomitable spirit full of moral courage, wisdom and human compassion wedded to the cause of promotion of Quality Technical Education with strong moral values.

The Institute has an excellent core faculty, coupled with high profile visiting faculty from the premier institutes/universities of our country and from the corporate world. Our teaching-learning process is based on motivating factors and discipline, although in relaxed natural ambience. Our strong feedback system projects the same as we periodically send the progress reports to the homes of our students. Our goal is to produce "New Age Engineers" who will not only excel in engineering fields, but will also have good managerial skills and the ability to communicate well in diverse situations.

Finally, always remember that success is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration,and that there are main steps to every accomplishment: 1. Plan purposefully, 2. Prepare patiently, 3. Proceed positively and 4. Pursue persistently. Adopt 'Work is Worship'as motto of your life, and, you can reach at the top of the world in every field.

Dr. P. B. Mahapatra
B.Tech. (IIT Kharagpur), M.Tech., Ph.D. (ME)
Ex-Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
Punjab Engg. College, Chandigarh (Now PEC Univ. of Tech.)
Ghubaya College of Engineering and Technology